Click to view the NI 43-101 Technical Report, “Update to the Re-Scoped Preliminary Economic Assessment of the Kamistiatusset (Kami) Iron Ore Property, Labrador”

Click to view the November 7, 2017 news release announcing the PEA

Alderon released highlights of the Updated Preliminary Economic Assessment (Updated PEA) for its Kami Project on November 7, 2017.  The Updated PEA is an update to a re-scoped preliminary economic assessment on the Kami Project that was issued on March 14, 2017.  The March 2017 PEA was prepared based on a plan to use the depleted pit at the Wabush Scully Mine as part of a tailings solution for the Kami Project. The Wabush Scully Mine was acquired by a third party who has stated its intention to re-open the mine. As a result, the Updated PEA has been prepared to remove the components related to the Wabush Scully Mine.

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